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CT Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding

At Mr. Hardwood – we offer the best CT Dustless hardwood floor Sanding Service in the state and we have helped transform thousands of residential and commercial properties over the years with 100% satisfaction.
If you require new hardwood floors in your space, and don’t want to be hindered because of high cost for achieving such, you don’t have to worry anymore as we can help you out with 100% CT dustless sanding service to help you attain your desires.
We pride ourselves on immaculate work and getting the project done in a timely routine. Providing clients with this top rate dustless sanding service allows us to deliver only excellence as it keeps that hardwood floor of yours looking great for many years. This will add life to the floors and bring back some of its natural splendor.
One essential benefit of our dustless hardwood floor sanding is that your health is secure and we always spend quality time to do the job right and get you the best results possible. It is also a less costly choice when contrasted with refinishing the entire floor.
Dustless sanding translates to lesser allergen in the home.

At Mr. Hardwood - we utilize the latest in dust containment technology for dustless sanding and dustless floor refinishing. Our quad filtration system incorporates twin vortex extractors to remove airborne contaminants and provide a virtually dust free environment. The additional dual filtration system provides a dustless environment for dust free refinishing.

Our clean sanding process is 99% dust free, leaving your home healthy. The no mess sanding will leave your home clean and beautiful.


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Our environmentally safe sanding and environmentally safe refinishing process ensure the health of your home and family. Healthy clean sanding and refinishing is the cornerstone of our process. Trust Mr. Hardwood, because it's more than just a floor, it's your home.
We look forward to returning your hardwood floors to their unique splendor! Contact us today!