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CT floor refinishing
CT hardwood floor CT hardwood floor refinishing

CT Floor Repairs & Floor Installation

At Mr. Hardwood – we are a leading CT floor repair and floor Installation Company in the state.
With our floor repair and installation services, you will be thrilled at the finished product we provide you.  We have been in this business for several successful years till date and have worked with several contractors and numerous projects over the periods.
 At Mr. Hardwood - we utilize the most modern equipment, methodologies, and resources to recreate a beautiful and long-lasting, new flooring surface which will be much easier for you to maintain. Our deal is to quickly provide your home or office a glossy healthy looking floor that you and your loved ones will enjoy for several years to come.
So if your floor needs some repairs, we will come over to your location and first assess the damage to each individual boards. We are first-rate skilled craftsmen at removing damaged boards and then replacing them with new ones to form an invisible repair on your hardwood floor.
Our machines and cutting edge equipment are most newly developed in the marketplace, and will be utilized to repair or install hardwood floors to give you a beautiful looking floor.
Our craftsmen are trained well in the appropriate control of these bulky machines to eliminate only the amount of material required to smooth the floor and get it ready for staining. In inexperienced hands, such machines or equipment can rebound on the floor, causing more damages or digging too deeply into the wood making rough spots amongst other impairments.


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Our advanced familiarity, and utilization of newly developed tools and materials help guarantee that your floor will serve your needs and also add more value to your home.
Mr. Hardwood's professionals take the time to ensure quality at all phases of the CT floor installation and CT refinishing process. We use the finest tools to ensure accurate fit and form with our hardwood floor installations and hardwood floor repairs. Our professionals have years of experience, and take great pride in delivering to our customers - unparalleled quality service. Trust Mr. Hardwood, because it's more than just a floor, it's your home.

CT floor refinishing, CT hardwood floor, CT hardwood floor refinishing