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Hardwood Floor Sanding CT

Hardwood Floor Sanding CT

If you have hardwood floors that require being finely refinished to enhance beauty, shine, and smoothness as brand new, you can count on us to help you achieve this in top quality mode and at affordable pricing.
You don’t have to replace your floors as such choice may be more expensive than necessary.
Mr. Hardwood has an outstanding hardwood floor sanding and refinishing service that can help transform your scratched and badly damaged floors into something you can be delighted of again.
We all know folks do a lot of things and initiate several movement in their homes and due to this – ladies high heel shoes, cats’ claws, and kid’s toys can all damage the hardwood floors.
When such occurs in your home, you don’t have to leave your floors in such ugly situations. Mr. Hardwood - hardwood floor sanding and refinishing will put new sparkling look and feel into your lackluster floors and make it possible for you to enjoy them neatly - for years to come.
Our world-class process of sanding will help rid your floors of unappealing scratches, stains, and cavities. If you need your floors to shine and feel much better, our hardwood floor sanding service is the best option both for residential and commercial properties.
Avoid giving your floors to inexperienced companies to manage for you as they may cause more damage than bargained for. Rather you should strongly consider handing it over to the experts at Mr. Harwood.


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Our services will save you from the stress and hard work you would run into on your own if you dare to try managing it yourself.
Our triple hardwood floor sanding process along with our triple CT floor refinishing system ensures the best protection and beauty for your hardwood floors.
Mr. Hardwood's professionals take the time to ensure quality at all phases of the floor refinishing process. This triple refinishing system combined with our quad filtration system results in unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.
At Mr. Hardwood we take floor refinishing to the next level. Trust Mr. Hardwood CT, because it's more than just a floor, it's your home.

Contact us now for an assessment and free quote on your flooring project!

CT floor refinishing, CT hardwood floor, CT hardwood floor refinishing