CT floor refinishing, CT hardwood floor, CT hardwood floor refinishing

CT floor refinishing
CT hardwood floor CT hardwood floor refinishing

We offer the highest quality CT hardwood floor installation and CT hardwood refinishing services aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of the customer, while respecting the environment. We offer complete service from furniture moving to refinishing process, to environmentally safe refinishing options. Our dustless and environmentally safe process ensures the cleanliness of your home and the health of your family. Trust CT Mr Hardwood, because it's more than just a floor, it's your home.

Hardwood Floor Installation CT
Mr Hardwood's professionals are trained and experienced hardwood floor installation and hardwood refinishing floor specialists. We take care of the entire process and leave you with peace of mind! We will even move your furniture, to assure a smooth process for you and your family, leaving the entire process worry free. We specialize in new construction as well as renovations of existing floors.

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CT floor refinishing, CT hardwood floor, CT hardwood floor refinishing